Hospitality & Entertainment Professionals Regionally Unite at The SHOW

Buyers & Brands Engage 1-ON-1 at The Show in a Never Before Seen Interactive Atmosphere

The Show Offers Brands & Services The Opportunity To Meet Individually With Pre Screened On-Premise Decision Makers, Maximizing Their Time, During Two Days of Focused Based Meetings.

While Making Lasting Relationships With Other Hospitality & Entertainment Industry Colleagues.

Bars • Nightclubs • Restaurants • Hotels & Resorts • Live Entertainment Venues • Bowling Alleys • Arcades’ • Gentlemen’s Clubs …and more.

The SHOW is a Hospitality & Entertainment Industry Professionals Event, built by the Top Industry Professionals in the World Today.

The SHOW is designed to stimulate Local & Regional Brand Awareness and Increase Local Business Revenue into carefully selected markets. Our primary venue choice is to work with Indian Gaming Casinos, producing Multiple Room Nights, Food & Beverage revenue streams & local awareness of the hosted property.

Ryan Dahlstrom – Founder of The Show & President of the Nightclub Hall of Fame

After spending almost 30 years in the Hospitality & Entertainment Industry, I knew it was time to create an Industry Event that Evolves as our Industry Evolves. An Event Created By The People of the Industry For The People of the Industry. A Place Where Brands Are Not Just Seen, They Are Experienced.

I have Worked in almost every type of Event and Venue within The Hospitality Entertainment Industry. And I Have Launched, Marketed and Sold Over 20 Different Products at Other Bar & Nightclub Conventions.

I know how Expensive it is to Travel to a Major Destination with hopes to sell your product or services only to walk away with nothing but business cards and scan reports. That’s why I created The Show. The SHOW is a Business Focused Event that travels regionally to your markets, so you can focus on what’s Important, Building & Selling Your Brand & Services.