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Just Got Paid

Just Got Paid by Dee Jay Silver

Dee Jay Silver Just Got Paid

When you have been in the Nightlife and Entertainment business as long as I have, you get the chance to work with some of the greatest talents of your times. People like; Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Kid Rock & Guns N Roses. And if you’re lucky enough you actually get to watch a true friend evolve into a Superstar.

You all know him as Dee Jay Silver, I met him as John Perdue, but if you look at my phone you’ll see him saved simply as “Brother”.

In 2009 I left Las Vegas to open up a Nightclub in Dallas Texas and I launched it with am extensive program of celebrity appearances and special guest DJ’s. It was great for publicity, but the celebrities’ just weren’t bringing in the Big Dollar Spenders I needed and the local DJ’s weren’t able to get the crowd into the spending frenzy that I was used to.

The first Nightclub I ever managed back in the 90’s was a Country Nightclub and our DJ’s were who we depended on to literally control the spending habits of our guests. But I couldn’t do that here; this was a Main Stream Nightclub, not a country western venue. So I started talking to my employees and my local DJ’s telling them what I was looking for, and to my surprise, every single one of them had the same answer to my request – “I can get my friend John Perdue to come perform”. My first thought was, they just wanted me to pay their friend to come perform, then I looked him up as Dee Jay Silver and saw he was performing on the MTV Jackass Tour and figured that financially it’s just not going to make any sense. But to my surprise he was actually willing to come out and perform at my nightclub for only $250.00, so I booked him.

John came in that day and just had that persona and aura about him, and I immediately understood why everybody called him their friend. I was anxious to see how we would do and see if he could live up to their hype. Even though that night wasn’t the biggest crowd we ever had at the club, I can say without a doubt, we definitely made more dollars per head that night, than any other night we had been open. John was the real deal; he had the talent, the right personality and even knew how to promote himself. But most importantly for me that night, he managed the crowd, almost as if he was the one running the actual nightclub that night, and not me. He was exactly what I needed for this Nightclub to be successful.

I wanted to book him again and try to get him to be our Resident DJ, but every time I tried they would tell me he was already booked somewhere else, So I just figured it was a great night and I was glad to have worked with him at least once.

Just a few months later my daughter was born and I left Dallas to head back home to Las Vegas. It was only my second day back in Vegas when I ran into John, we talked for a few minutes and exchanged numbers, but I wasn’t working in a Nightclub at the time, so I figured I wouldn’t ever hear from him again. Then later that week, I get a message from him just asking how I was doing. He wasn’t looking for any gigs, he wasn’t looking for any Vegas hook ups, he was just a busy guy at the brink of stardom, that still took the time to reach out and be friends with someone that he had only worked with once. Rare….

From that point on John and I stayed in touch with each other pretty frequently, and it was right about that time that things started changing for John. He was landing some really high profile gigs like; headlining venues during NFR, performing at the CMA’s and even landing a spot on tour with Jason Aldean. But still no matter how busy John was or how popular he was becoming, he always found time or made time to stay friends with me.

John & I have only worked together one time, but we have built a friendship over the years that will last a lifetime.

I wouldn’t consider John’s success story a fairytale come true, and I wouldn’t consider John’s success story a lucky break.

I have had the pleasure of watching John Perdue go from a $250 a night DJ to Rising Country Celebrity to someone that is quickly becoming an Iconic Superstar.

And if you take the time to look back at his entire career you will see that his success is not just about someone with an incredible talent, or someone with unparalleled drive, determination and passion for what they are doing.

You will see that John Perdue / Dee Jay Silver is where he is today not only because of his incredible talent, drive, determination and passion, but because John has always treated everyone of his friends & co workers the same way he has treated me, Just Like Family.

Just this week John sent me a copy of his soon to be released Debut Single called Just Got Paid and I was completely blown away. Mark my word, Just Got Paid will be a #1 Hit and I can’t wait to see Dee Jay Silver performing Just Got Paid live during his upcoming 7th tour with Country Superstar Jason Aldean.

Stay tuned to Dee Jay Silver at the following and make sure you check out his debut single Just Got Paid.

DeeJaySilver.com | FaceBook | Twitter | YouTube

Just Got Paid Dee Jay Silver

Dee Jay Silver Bio –

RCA Nashville recording artist Dee Jay Silver has been a top touring DJ/remixer/producer for the past 15 years, having played in premier venues in virtually every major market in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The groundbreaking open-format DJ/performer has thrilled millions with his unique ability to blend all types of music from hip hop and rock to house and country for crowds of all sizes as well as on mash-ups and remixes. Silver has been traveling the world playing every kind of event and venue from the largest nightclubs, high-profile celebrity parties and exclusive private events to massive sporting events, award shows, major music festivals and arena tours and all that’s in between.


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